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WTC Final : “Played Into India’s Hands” Ross Taylor Says

New Zealand’s WTC Final versus India is planned to begin from June 18 in Southampton.

IPL 2021

The Indian Premier League was set to end on May 30 after being delayed earlier this month due to many occurrences of COVID-19 inside its bubble, while the WTC final between New Zealand and India is set to begin on June 18 in Southampton.

“For India, IPL finishing early under unfortunate circumstances has probably played into their hands a little,” Taylor told.

“If IPL would have gone on they would have had a smaller preparation but now they will be a lot more conditioned, their bowlers will have their loads up,” he added.

“I would be lying if you think there isn’t some sort of thought about the WTC final but I couldn’t think of a better preparation than playing two Tests against England. At the end of the day it’s a neutral venue.

“Playing two Tests gives us a slight advantage but this Indian team has been number one for a long period of time and has had a lot of success over here,” he added.

BCCI Requesting To Change Schedule

The BCCI has reportedly requested that the timetable for India’s five-Test series against England be changed in order to finish the IPL, which the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has declined.

” IPL is probably the most high-profile and countries move it around when they don’t have the same power. It is what it is, players want to play in. I hope that international cricket still has relevance and priorities at times. As long as things are being moved around it is fine… as long as they aren’t getting cancelled and what not.” Taylor said.

“It’s changed a lot form when I started — IPL, the movement and players. We, as team, weren’t able to play in the whole IPL, we played only a couple of weeks.

“It’s a move for the good but I hope international cricket is still the pinnacle and I’m sure of it. You ask most of the international cricketers and that’s the case.” he added

 Debunked Rumors About His Impending Retirement.

“Age is just a number and as long as you’re still enjoying it and feel like you’re good enough and can contribute to the team on and off the field.”

“I did have 35 in my mind because of the 2019 World Cup but I went there and felt I could still contribute, and therefore, I didn’t think just because it was a World Cup it was time to retire, but no I don’t have a number in mind,” he added.

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