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West Indies Batters To Work Out Getting Big Scores

After a 109-run loss to Pakistan in the second Test at Kingston, West Indies head coach Phil Simmons urged his batters to better assess situations and figure out how to convert starts into big scores. In addition, none of the current West Indies batters average more than 40 in Test cricket. “We see that we can bat,” Simmons said

“We are spending 110 balls for 50 runs but it’s how we read the situation of the game. We might be batting well as we saw in the first innings then the ball started swinging a little bit more. We’ve got to assess those situations for us to get the big scores. We’ve seen a more controlled approach to the start of everyone’s innings, but we have to work out how we go from the 40s and 50s to the 100s and 150s.”

“The Caribbean has to continue backing us. From a point of view that we are seeing improvement in the fact that guys are trying to do the things that are necessary for us to be a better Test batting team. The bowling has been exceptional – it carries its weight and pulls the team – but the batters have to sit down and work out how to get to the scores we want to get. We need the backing, the batsmen need the encouragement. We don’t see what’s happening in the background, but they are working hard.”

Struggled to make an impact

The West Indies batting unit struggled to make an impact in difficult batting conditions against both South Africa and Pakistan, as evidenced by their highest total of 253 across those four Tests. Jermaine Blackwood was the best of the bunch in those four games, averaging a modest 27.87 points per game. However, Simmons stated that it is preferable to back the current batting lineup because they want to play the longest format.

“The first thing is a want to play Test cricket. We can say what we want, [but] Test cricket is not easy. The first day of this match was unbelievable with the heat so you have to want [it], you have to have that desire, that conviction to play Test cricket. Maybe be out there for a day-and-a-half and then come and bat. It’s for guys to want to play, we know the ones who are capable.

“But if you don’t have that want, you can’t do it. [It] makes no sense us selecting you and forcing you to play Test cricket and then you are just out there. The West Indies always have talented players. Learning to play Test cricket can be easy, but you have to want to put in the work. You [see the] Babar Azam’s and Kane Williamsons, they put in a lot of extra work. So we keep pushing guys to do that.”

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