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Virender Sehwag Reveals Team India’s Secrets

Even after his retirement, Virender Sehwag continues to make headlines in a variety of ways. This time, Sehwag chatted with Showsha from Network 18 about his apparel company, VS. Not only that, but Sehwag also disclosed some information about the Indian players with whom he shared the field.

When asked who his most fashionable teammate was, Sehwag responded quickly, “In our time, it was Sachin Tendulkar.” Tendulkar, according to Sehwag, was the one who taught the players to wear branded clothing. “Sachin advised us to dress in branded clothing.” When Sehwag was then asked to select a cricketer who required fashion advice, he chose Ashish Nehra. “During our times he used to only wear Reebok T-shirts and shorts. But his life has completely changed now. He needed that push in the beginning, and once again Sachin was the one who guided us.”

During his playing days, he was the biggest prankster

“It has to be Harbhajan Singh. If you ask anyone from that team, they would name him. In 2001, Harbhajan had got some scary masks from the US. So we put on those masks at night and decided to scare everyone. The first on the list was our computer analyst Nandan. The second one was Reetinder Singh Sodhi, who actually took out his bat to hit us. “We had to run away quickly from there. That is when we told him, it was only a prank.”.

Muttiah Muralitharan, a former Lanka spinner, revealed what Sehwag told him after being dismissed for 293 in a Test match in 2010. “I remember he was batting on 290 against us in Mumbai and I think it was Dravid who told him to hang on as he can get to his 300 the next day. The next morning, he tried to tap it but got out caught and bowled and told me ‘I should have never listened to Rahul and instead gone after you’,” Murali said.

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