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Virat Kohli Bats for Player Mental Health Management

As his team prepares to enter another long period of life in bio-bubbles, India skipper Virat Kohli has once again emphasized the significance of mental health in sport.

Ongoing Coronavirus Issue Around The World

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus issue around the world, Kohli said that it is difficult for players to stay motivated amongst the monotony of shuttling between hotel rooms and the ground without an outlet to escape from the game on long tours.

“With the current structure and the kind of structure we’re competing inside, to be very honest for a long period of time it’s very difficult for the players to stay motivated and find the right kind of mental space, you know, just confined in one area and just doing the stuff day in and day out and dealing with high-pressure situations,” Kohli said

“So this will definitely become a norm of the future, where apart from the workloads, I think the mental health side of things will also come into the picture big time, because you don’t have an outlet at all in today’s day and age, where you are literally going to the ground, coming back to the room. You have no space where you can just disconnect from the game, go out for a walk, or go out for a meal or a coffee and say let me just refresh myself, let me just get away from the game a little bit,”

“I think this is a huge factor which should not be neglected because as much hard work as we’ve done to create this team, you don’t want players falling out because of mental pressures and not having the capacity or the space to express themselves,” he added.

Kohli also stated that if Indian players needed to take a break from the sport for mental health reasons, they may contact the team management.

“I think there has to always be that channel open, which the management has left it open, for the players to approach them and tell them ‘look I’m not feeling right in the head and I just need a little break and I just want to disconnect from the game’ I think that’s going to be a huge factor and I’m sure Ravi bhai and the management feel the same.”


Ravi Shastri, India’s Head Coach

India’s head coach, Ravi Shastri, reiterated his captain’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of keeping the team’mentally fresh’ throughout extended assignments.

“When you have to play five Test matches in this environment, in six weeks, it’s no joke. Even the fittest will need a break. More than the physical part, it’s the mental part.

“You can be destroyed mentally being asked to do the same things day in and day out and then go out and perform. And it’s not easy to recover especially if you’ve had a bad day, so you know it’s important you shuffle the guys around and keep them mentally fresh, it’s not the physical part of it, because of the circumstances prevailing,” he said.


Kohli Sees This As An Advantage To Reset

After the WTC final (which ends on June22), India will have a six-week respite before facing England in a five-Test series in London and Kohli sees this as an opportunity for the players to re-energize and get back to being ‘normal for a few days.’

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