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Usman Khawaja has shown his support for Justin Langer

Despite all of the negative stories and suspicions about a combustible climate in Australia, Usman Khawaja has shown his support for Justin Langer, the ‘passionate’ coach.

The veteran batter wrote on his YouTube page that he “loves Australian cricket” and “wants the best for everyone.” He further said that the coach “would probably feel like the guys in the team are stabbing him in the back.

” Tim Paine, the Australian Test captain, has also backed Langer. Meanwhile, Aaron Finch, the limited-overs captain, told SEN that rumors of internal strife over Langer’s coaching were untrue

Cricket Australia holding emergency talks

In the wake of the tensions between Langer and the players, Cricket Australia called an emergency meeting of top executives and captains to ensure a truce ahead of the T20 World Cup and the Ashes.

“JL (Justin Langer) is a very passionate person, passionate guy,” Khawaja said. “Loves Australian cricket, wants the best for everyone, wants to only succeed. He’s driven by winning and winning the right way. All the things he got into the Australian team after the sandpaper gate were focused on those things.

“How do you think JL feels? He probably feels like the guys in the team are stabbing him in the back, and that’s what it looks like. That’s why it’s so disappointing. It’s actually a really bad look. This is something the group needs to sort out ASAP,” he added.

Langer’s greatest flaw, according to Khawaja, is that he can’t seem to control his emotions.

 “One thing that keeps coming out with him is his emotions. Yes, the man wears his heart on the sleeve. He can be very emotional. That’s probably his one downside. Probably his greatest weakness is his emotions. He rides a high and he rides a low. But that’s only because he’s passionate.

“Unfortunately that’s probably one thing that’s letting him down the most, but it comes from a very good place. He knows it. He knows he needs to improve… He said it in the media. I’ve chatted to him, he’s trying to improve on that. If I’m being honest, international cricket is a tough place. Not having your emotions tested from time to time… that’s just going to happen. That’s just what it is all about. I think the more important and disappointing thing is that the players haven’t stood up and chatted to JL about this a long time ago.”

Tours of the West Indies and Bangladesh

Some crucial players of the limited-overs set-up were absent from action during the tours of the West Indies and Bangladesh, according to Khawaja, and it wasn’t all Langer’s fault that Australia struggled.

“Things are still coming out. I know how these things happen. Players don’t talk to someone… they discuss it between themselves. Either someone’s going out to the media and telling them their point of view and what’s going on or they are telling their managers and the managers are telling the media. That’s how any of these things get out. That’s how any of these gossips always start.

“There is a leak somewhere but there’s no point trying to figure out who, when or what because this has been going on in cricket since I’ve been playing or long, long before then. No point worrying about that. The issue is that something is going on in the Australian with the players and Justin Langer and unfortunately he was in a pretty bad Bangladesh and West Indies tour, which I think also wasn’t entirely his fault because the majority of the team wasn’t even there. So I think it’s pretty harsh to judge him on the last two series.”

Langer deserves to be the coach for the T20 World Cup

The 34-year-old left-hander also believes Langer is deserving of the job as coach for the upcoming T20 World Cup and Ashes series.

“What I think should happen with Justin Langer.. to be honest, the T20 World Cup is around the corner. He deserves the opportunity to coach Australia in the T20 World Cup, deserves the opportunity to coach Australia in the Ashes, and after all that if things are still not going well if the team is still not gelling.

“All the players are back and things aren’t happening and something is still up and going wrong, that is when you look at things and think okay maybe we do we need to change something. Just like you would do with the player. Give him as many opportunities as you can. He was the best coach three years ago. Things haven’t changed too much now.. he needs to have more opportunity. If things are still not going right, then you may decide to do something different.

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