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To Regain Captaincy, Tim Pains Backs Steve Smith

By Tim Paine, Australian’s Test Captain allude at stepping down from his post if his team won against England.

Tim Paine

The 36 year old Paine has been under intense surveillance after Australia were beaten in a home Test Series this season. The Tragedy was partly because of his team got agitated by India’s niggling.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith is an Australian International Cricketer and former captain of Australian National Team before being forced to resign in 2018. He was being backed by Tim Paine to regain his previous position after the disaster in Test Series.

Paine’s Statements

“Obviously I don’t make that decision but the time I played with Steve as a captain he was excellent. Certainly tactically he is as good as you get”

“He’s probably a bit like me when I was at the start of my captaincy journey in Tasmania – he was thrown into a very big role at a very, very young age and he probably wasn’t quite ready for it. “

“But by the time I came in he was growing into that role and getting better and better. Then obviously South Africa events happened and he’s not doing it anymore. But yeah I support him getting that job again.” Paine added.

“If I feel like the time is right and we’ve beaten the POMS 5-0, what way to go out but it might be a tight series and we might be chasing 300 on the last day and I’m 100 not out and hit the winning runs – and then I might go again”

The India Series

The Indian Series put Tim Paine under enormous pressure as the Australia’s captain.
India were good at distracting players with the smallest details that is not relevant.
Australia’s captain Steve Paine admits that there were times in that series that they fell for it.

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