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To Ease Covid Losses, India Doubled Matches On Tour

India was only scheduled to play three T20Is in Sri Lanka, but the tour was extended to include three ODIs.

Assisting National Board Recover From Financial Losses

India has agreed to play more games during a July tour of Sri Lanka to assist the national board recover from financial losses caused by the coronavirus, Sri Lanka may also push other visiting teams to play extra games in order to improve television earnings, according to Shammi Silva, the president of Sri Lanka Cricket, who was re-elected.

“India agreed to double the number of matches in their upcoming tour and this means we will get more revenue from television rights,” Silva told

Last year’s Tour Cancellations

Shammi Silva didn’t disclose how much money the board had lost due to last year’s tour cancellations, but he did indicate that other teams will be asked to play more matches additionally In August, Sri Lanka will host South Africa, Scotland in September, and Afghanistan in November.

England Pulled Out Of A Series

In March of last year, England pulled out of a series, but returned to the island in December to play two Tests in front of a captive audience in Galle.

New Wave Of The Pandemic

A new wave of the pandemic has invaded South Asia, causing chaos on the Country. In order to prevent a growth of harmful bacteria, it has prevented airplane passengers from entering un til the end of May.

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