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“The biggest thing is having right person at right time” Shane Watson

Shane Watson in Leadership Roles

“The biggest thing is having the right person at the right time” Shane Watson

“The biggest thing is having the right person at the right time, the right coach or the right captain at the right time,” Watson said.

Watson noted that is a vital to be aware also what might the public will say. Leadership roles in Australian cricket were highly sought after as prizes with rich rewards for their holders, meaning that it was critical that open discussions were had about whether anyone might be hanging onto them for too long.

shane watson

“That is one of the biggest things – are the people who want to be the captain of Australia doing it because that’s just been their whole goal and that’s all they want, and they’ll do anything they can to get to the top, and that’s not just in the Australian cricket team, that’s leadership in general,” he said.

Shane Watson

“What are the reasons why you want to be in the top position, is it because it’s all about you and you’ve always wanted that and you’ll just make sure you get there and then you make sure you stay there. For all different reasons, whether it’s sponsorship or marketing, whether it’s just because you love being the main man.

Shane Watson

“For some of these coaches, is a huge job. You’re the one who’s pointing the ship of Australian cricket in one direction, you’re making the call, that’s your vision filtering down through all the layers.

You’re dealing with the media, with the board, with the playing group to get the best out of them, and then your coaching staff as well.

So of course, the coach of Australia does get paid incredibly well, and there’s no question that’s going to be one of the reasons why some people hang in a bit longer, because it’s such a big carrot dangling in front of them.”.

Venturing Equipments

On the other hand, Shane Watson has venture to bats and equipment of the game. He is trying to break the model of established brands and overheads with direct model based largely upon online selling.

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