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Sri Lanka Cricket Tour a Waste For India

Former India Test cricketer Yajurvindra Singh said in a piece that sending a young squad to the Sri Lanka trip was a waste of time and money and that it was merely a goodwill gesture on the BCCI’s behalf to assist the financially strapped Sri Lankan cricket board.

Sending two teams England and Sri Lanka

The thought of sending two teams, one to England for a Test series and the other to Sri Lanka for a limited-overs series, was insulting to the very essence of a national squad.

One can argue that India is capable of fielding two international cricket teams. If that’s the case, one could question why India hasn’t won a big tournament in the last six years.

The number is undeniable, but it is the skill and quality of a player at the highest level that distinguishes them. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a fair sign of where excellent cricketers might be found, but international cricket is a very different ball game.

Helping Sri Lankan Cricket Board

India’s tour of Sri Lanka, which included three ODIs and an equal number of T20Is, was a waste of time. The entire event was a goodwill gesture on the part of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to assist the Sri Lankan cricket board, which is facing financial difficulties.

Being polite to one’s neighbors and assisting them in their time of need is appreciated, but one must keep in mind that national pride and reputation are on the line. Apart from that, points are accrued for World Cup qualifying, so being generous may not be the greatest option.

Sri Lankan Team is at the bottom

The Sri Lankan team has consistently ranked in the bottom of the Test-playing countries, hence a full-strength Indian team was not required to beat them. Although India won the ODI series, they were defeated in the final match. In cricket, one should never underestimate an opponent, and India lost vital points by losing a match.

Five members of the Indian team were making their international debuts. Despite the fact that it was a fantastic opportunity for the youngsters, their performance against a relatively weak Sri Lankan side was not an accurate reflection of their ability against strong cricket teams.

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