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“Spinners left no room in bizarre game” Virat Kohli

“Spinners left no room for others in bizarre game” Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli in calling the bizzare game

Indian Captain Statements

“It was bizarre that out of the 30 wickets, 21 were off straight balls. I feel that’s just a lapse of concentration, indecision or too many things going in your head as a batter where you are playing for the turn but getting beaten on the inside. I feel like batsmen need to trust their defense much more than they are presenting at the moment, and Test cricket is all about that – you are not going to get results in two days all the time – and this was a classic example of batsmen not applying themselves enough, and maybe that’s why such a quick game.” Virat Kohli says.

Bizzare Game

Virat Kohli "bizzare game "

Indian captain Virat Kohli describe the game as bizarre that pertains the two teams batting display after India beat England in Ahmedabad.

India have 145 in their first innings, Kohli said that the batsmen from both sides showed lack of application. Kohli added that the quality and strength of his two primary spinners Axar Patel and R Ashwin was eventual different in the Test that gives the host a 2-1 lead with one match Test to go,

India’s pacers

India vs Bangladesh in Kolkata in 2019 – it was India’s pacers who dominated proceedings but in Ahmedabad bowled only 11 overs in the whole test with no innings with England. Kohli said that with the spinners troubling England so much, the pacers had to take the back seat in this match.

Kohli revealed exactly why Patel was bought into this set-up

“When Jaddu got injured, I’m sure a lot of people must’ve been relieved. But this guy comes in, bowls probably faster than Jaddu, from a greater height. I don’t know what’s the case with Gujaratis and left-arm spinning all-rounder, they seem to be a nightmare for batters,” Kohli laughed and said.



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