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SLC Praises Dravid For Ensuring India’s Tour

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has praised Rahul Dravid’s performance in the recent white-ball home series against India. According to SLC, the tour may have been canceled if it hadn’t been for Dravid, who, according to the board, was in charge of securing the completion of the six-match series, which resulted in a windfall for the Lanka board.

“If he wanted, he could have easily taken the team back to India,” Mohan de Silva, the secretary of SLC, said detailing how several elements contributed to the tour’s success despite the covid-19 outbreak.

“The most encouraging aspect of the whole Pandya episode was the role of the support staff of the Indian team, led by Rahul. If he wanted, he could have easily taken the team back to India. He was very accommodating and understood the situation. He appreciated the efforts we were talking about and realized that we were doing our best to protect the boys from virus dangers with all bio-secure guidelines,” the SLC official explained.

The fourth game of the six-match series has been completed.

Krunal Pandya was confirmed to be Covid positive after the fourth game of the six-match series, resulting in the isolation of nine other players. This left the Indian team with exactly 11 players available for the remaining matches.

“We have 11 players available and we will play them. There is nothing to feel sorry about. All the 11 are good enough to make the XI and that’s why they were picked in the squad. I feel it is exciting to see them perform. Yes, the balance of the side will be a little fragile because we can only pick from the players available,

” Dravid had said immediately before the start of the second Twenty20 International on July 28. India lost the T20I series, but Dravid recognized the necessity of completing the work at hand rather than making excuses.

The SLC earned almost 280 crore Sri Lankan rupees in profits after all six scheduled matches were completed. “It was a very, very valuable tour for us. We were looking forward to it for a long time.

We were very grateful to BCCI top brass – Jay Shah and Sourav Ganguly – for acceding to our request to play three additional T20Is. Originally the tour was for only three ODIs. It enhanced the commercial value of the whole tour. We ended up earning almost $ 14.5 million. It is a huge boost to our finances,” the SLC secretary said.

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