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Shane Watson: Re-opens of BBL private ownership debate

Shane Watson: Re-opens BBL private ownership debate

Shane Watson

Shane Watson the former all rounder believe that outside investor can bring new ideas and new approaches

The Australian Cricketers Association President, Shane Watson believe that re opening the notion of private ownership of Big Bash League Club will give more improvement and fresh ideas, after a decade of governing by body initial float of stakes in the T20 league.

cricket australia

Cricket Australia elected to move towards new identities for eight T20 teams, with a prospectus drawn up and a business mission taken to India to gauge private interest in the idea. Some of the initial structures of the BBL clubs, namely the independent boards and chief executives of the Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades

Covid-19 effects

CA embroiled in a battle with Seven West Media over the network’s campaign for a discount to its fees and Covid-19 affecting events more broadly, Watson reckons the concept should be revisited.

James Sutherland

James Sutherland

James Sutherland and former head of strategy Andrew Jones is agreeing about the idea than the other members of Cricket Australia Board

Chairman Greg and Dir. Neil.

Greg Dyer neil maxwell

Chairman Greg Dyer and director Neil Maxwell other backers of private investment around the ACA board table they have both publicly advocated for the concept in the past others with considerable knowledge  of the area including NSW Cricket chairman John Knox, much of the opposition to private investment focused on differing priorities between the team and owners and governing bodies.

Shane Statements

“That is one of the biggest things – are the people who want to be the captain of Australia doing it because that’s just been their whole goal and that’s all they want, and they’ll do anything they can to get to the top, and that’s not just in the Australian cricket team, that’s leadership in general,” he said.

Big Bash League

“What are the reasons why you want to be in the top position, is it because it’s all about you and you’ve always wanted that and you’ll just make sure you get there and then you make sure you stay there. For all different reasons, whether it’s sponsorship or marketing, whether it’s just because you love being the main man.

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