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England Tour of India

Rohit Sharma Wants Expert In View of Cricket Take A Break

Rohit Sharma can’t understand the fuss of the critics about the pitches in England Tour of India

“How we bat, how we bowl, how we field – everybody is welcome to have an opinion but in pitches are the same in both teams. I can’t understand the fuss”

Rohit Sharma says when critics ask him to tell ICC to have standard tracks across the world when he addressed media conference for Pink Ball Test against England in Motera

Skill set is important

“As a batsman, I try to adapt myself and prepare my mind for the pitch. That’s why people are here. A lot of cricketers want to play cricket (at the highest level) but people who are here playing for India are picked because they understand the conditions better. So, mindset, skillset is important in challenging conditions. Chances are that you’ll fail but it doesn’t matter as long as you learn from that,” Rohit

“Our team looks forward to playing in circumstances when everything is against you. When we travel outside India, we never complain about the pitches. We are happy to play on whatever’s on offer and move on. Everyone else should do the same, especially our experts. Talk about cricket, not pitches,” Rohit said.

ICC decides for standard

Sharma adds if anyone has an issue in the kind of surface here in India They should go and tell ICC to have standard format for all pitches anywhere here across the world.

Rohit Sharma

“Because that’s not how it works. Home advantage is all about making it touc=gher for the visiting team and in the end the surface will be the same for both player teams. It is about how you adopt to it” he says

Challenging Factors

“The changing weather, changing light – the batsmen believe these are challenging factors for them, so one has got to be a bit extra cautious. We’re playing in Mortera for the first time. So, players will certainly take a few minutes out of their schedules to understand the conditions, sights, and the sounds better. Even the seats in the stadium are brand new, so they’ll also be shining a bit extra “Kohli added


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