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R Ashwin to Virat Kohli: What I did was something incredible

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R Ashwin

Virat Kohli tells R Ashwin that he has seen spectacular game in his lead spinner in BCCI event

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According to Kohli, Ashwin who’s closing in 400 test wickets has naturally been a strike bowler, throughout India’s triumph in Australia. Ashwin explains to Kohli what has helped him attain a balance way of thinking the place he’s not determined

Virat Kohli:

You’ve done very well in Test wickets and you take a lot of pride in doing it. This performance you’ve shown, which you’ve been working very hard for coming in front of your home fans your family of course, How does it feel?

R Ashwin:

I feel blank in the first series of my career in India. When I went out to bat [on Tuesday], I was blank when I came and asked you “can I start sweeping?”, “can I reverse weep? So that’s how exactly how I feel, zero feelings and empty emotions inside. Very rarely I find myself in such situation.

Virat Kohli:

Before you came to Australia, I saw a different body language, different mindset. What did you change about your approach towards the game which changed the way you approached situations on the field, and which is making a massive difference, not just in India but in Australia as well? Guys [Australians] were really very nervous to take you on. To be very honest, that body language I’ve seen away from home from you after a very long time. So, I wanted to know at this stage of your career, what did you do and how did you manage to do it?


The whole pandemic, where we shut off and locked ourselves down, it made me think “what is going to happen?”. For me, if you take the game away, I’m literally lost. Even if I’m not playing some formats of the game for the country, I’m putting the TV on, watching some preview, what’s happening, what’s not happening…. I’m that sort of a person. Suddenly, the game’s not happening and we’re all sitting at home, so I was reflecting upon myself and trying to understand how I can learn from people, what people were perceiving of me.

R Ashwin in his Success Formula

One thing R Ashwin noticed from a distance, and when he sees people who do well through the year is how balanced they are in terms of wanting to be desperate.


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