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PM Australian IPL Commentator Slams His Government

Due to the global health crisis faced in India, as soon the second wave hit the state.  Australian government borders ban all travel flights directly from India, which cause more panic and worry for some Aussies who participated the Indian Premier League which held primarily in India. which is the travel ban length until May 15.

Make Own Way Back Home

On addition, Prime Minister Scott Morrison quoted that all Aussies participated Indian Premier League, will have to make their own arrangement to return back home.

PM Michael Slater Slam His Government

Prime Minister quoted in twitter “blood on your hands PM” the comment is primarily addressed to Australian Prime Minister which obviously neglected Australian to go home directly safe and sound.

“If our Government cared for the safety of Aussies they would allow us to get home. It’s a disgrace!! Blood on your hands PM. How dare you treat us like this. How about you sort out quarantine system. I had government permission to work on the IPL but I now have government neglect”  

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