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PCB Plans June 5 Restart For PSL in Abu Dhabi

The PCB intends to continue the PSL 6 in Abu Dhabi.

The PSL 6 In Abu Dhabi

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) plans to continue the PSL 6 in Abu Dhabi on June5, and all players will be subjected to a 10-day quarantine period before beginning training.

“In between there will be regular COVID-19 tests during the quarantine period as well,” Karachi King’s Salman Iqbal said.

International And Local Players

According to the PCB, efforts are being made to fly the international and local players to Abu Dhabi by May 25 so that they may begin their quarantine period and the event can begin on June 5, they will also have a three-day quarantine before entering the chartered flights to Abu Dhabi.

Administer The COVID-19 Bio-Bubble In Abu Dhabi

Restrata, an international business, has been employed by the Pakistan board to administer the COVID-19 bio-bubble in Abu Dhabi, where the six teams will be housed in three different hotels.

National Command and Operation Authority

After the National Command and Operations Authority, which oversees the COVID-19 situation in Pakistan, advised against holding the games in Karachi again, the PCB chose to conduct the remaining matches in the UAE.

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