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Patt Cummins Reacts On Hosting T20 Worldcup in India

Pat Cummins Statement

“If it’s going to be a drain on resources or it’s not going to be safe, then I don’t think it’s right to play it over here. That’s the first question which needs to be answered,”
“It probably too early to say. It’s six months away. The priority should be for cricket authorities to work with the Indian government to see what’s best for the Indian people,” Cummins explained

“Their families are all currently in lockdown in different cities across India. A lot of the family structures are different to Australia, where you’ve got three generations all living in the one place.,”

“They always try to stay upbeat and positive, but it’s really tough out there. We’re always checking in with them to see how they’re going.” he added

The Bio-bubble keeps people disconnected but when they realize the sufferings, they feel helpless. Pat Cummins World’s Premier Test Bowler comes to India for the Indian Premier league (IPL) , he receives different kinds of criticism.

“The first thing I wanted to do was make sure playing the IPL was the right call. Speaking to people back home, some had the view that it didn’t see right cricket was going on over here in amongst all the COVID cases,” he said.

“But the response I was getting from people in India was the opposite. They all said that with so many people in lockdown they really appreciate the fact that for three or four hours each night they can watch the IPL.

“It gives people a routine, it helps to keep them in homes. Everyone thought it was a positive the IPL was still going on.” he added

Pat Cummins, Australian Pace Spearhead believes that hosting the ICC T20 World Cup amidst tremendous COVID-19 is a drain on Indian resources and would be wise to switch it to United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Indian Premier League

The postponement of Indian Premier League after many cases of horrific COVID-19 inside the bio-bubble caused a big doubt on whether the International Cricket Council (ICC) event should be in India amidst the current situation.

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