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“No time for blaming” PCB chief says after PSL postponed


The postponement of the upcoming Pakistan Super League due to high rising cases of Covid-19 to players and some staff. The PCB announcement of the decision was soon followed by criticism from multiple franchises who held the board responsible for poorly managing the bio-secure bubble. Wasim Khan, the chief of Pakistan Cricket Board, on Thursday (March 4) said that this is ‘no time to play blame game’

Wasim Khan

Wasim Statements

“There are a lot of emotions at the moment. Franchises have invested a lot of money, everybody has invested time in making PSL work. So there will be a lot of emotion, particularly in the first 24 hours with anything. We fully expect that. Any environment can only work only if everybody is on the same page,” Wasim said in a press conference. “This isn’t about the blame game of who is to blame, this is about a collective effort that we all had a responsibility to police and self police the environment. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do it effectively enough, hence we find ourselves in this situation today.

Wasim Khan stressed of loss of everyone in the league. The upcoming league is expected to be the fir full season of Pakistan Super League and played to Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Credibility

The PCB chief is worry on winning back the confidence of cricketing community and ability to host matches in their home country. He pointed the successful conduct of the recent home series against Zimbabwe and South Africa. They believe that they learn their lessons and make improvement to ensure the international bilateral series schedule hosted by Pakistan.

Players safety

Wasim Khan stated that they will come to  following discussions with the franchises and other partners involved in the league. He also added that right now the focus isn’t on the financial loss as much as it is on the safety of the international players.

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