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New Zealand Wicket-Keeper To Retire After Championship

B J Watling New Zealand wicket-keeper batsman states that he will finish his over-decade-long career in all forms of cricket next month after the World Test Championship final against India.

World-Class Keeper-Batsman

Watling has been an ace of the Test side since debuting in 2009 as an opener. BJ Watling create himself as a world-class keeper-batsman and Received numerous records in his 73 Tests to date. The Northern Districts gloveman had been considering his options for a while.

Bj Watling’s retirement and also expedited by his expected removal from the player contracts list

The New Zealand Test dismissals record with 249 catches and eight stumping is the current title of BJ Watling’s one of the best numbers of any existing Test keepers.

BJ Watling Statement

“Test cricket really is the pinnacle of the game and I’ve loved every minute of being out there in the whites with the boys. Sitting in the changing rooms having a beer with the team after five days’ toil is what I’ll miss the most.”
“This tour will be a challenge on a few levels and we know as a team we will need to be at the very top of our game if we want to succeed,”

New Zealand Chief

David White, The New Zealand National Cricket Team (NZC) chief executive states Watling will never be forgotten for the enormous courage and determination he brought to the game, and specifically when the chips were down.

Chief Statement

“BJ turned games around. I can’t think of another player who reacted so positively, and who was successful in the face of adversity”.
“His ability to wring every possible run out of the tail was unmatched; his work behind the stumps tireless and efficient,”
“The records speak for themselves and he’s been such a crucial cog in the Test team’s rise over the past decade,”


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