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Old Ideas, New Resolutions ICC Board Meeting

Every suggestion put forward by the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) CEO was approved by the ICC’s Executive Board.

Sawhney’s Proposal

The original Sawhney’s proposal were met with strong opposition from various boards, notably the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), but in the end, the ICC board adopted the resolution of eight out of eight and more.

Evaluate A Number Of Factors

The ICC will evaluate a number of factors before deciding on a venue, one of which is the cost.

“One of the many measurements is financial – although it is not the only factor”

On the basis of these bids, locations for the eight global events in the following cycle, which runs from 2024 to2031, will be confirmed by September.

Geoff Allardice Statement

“The revised approach to selecting hosts for our events will give us much more flexibility to grow the game and engage new fans. There is a smaller pool of countries with the infrastructure needed to host our senior Men’s events which narrows the selection process.”

Increase The Number Of Teams Competing In The ODI World Cup

Another significant decision was to increase the number of teams competing in the ODI World Cup, which will be held in 2027 and 2031, respectively It was a wonderful balancing act in which the number of teams was increased to14, as was widely requested, while the essential premise of extra World Cup games for India, the world’s largest money-spinner, stayed untouched.

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