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Mohammad Siraj picked the wickets of Joe Root

Mohammad Siraj picked the wickets of Joe Root

Mohammad Siraj bowls seven balls to the England captain Joe Root on either side of the first drinks break and not one of them short enough to full enough to drive and all bar one clustered between the 8.5 and 6.5-metre mark. The first five balls curve away a slightly wider line because Root is good on the drive, even away from his body. Joe Root the England captain is frustrated. He warned himself after an awkward poke and miss. There is still no length for him to drive and with every delivery. He is forced  to moving across his stumps to try to get close to the ball. The sixth is banged in short and Joe Root manages to get under and tickles a pull for four.

Siraj Bowling

Mohammad Siraj may have just returned from Australia where the operating length was slightly shorter, but the muscle memory of bowling on these wickets does not take long to kick in. His first ball is delivered at 140 kph on a six-and-a-half-meter length, on the fourth stump, swings in and back to beat Joe Root’s flick and traps him plumb in front.

Mohammad Siraj

“Mazaa aa gaya (it felt great),” he says after the game. “I was just thinking I have to set him up. When it was swinging away, I felt good that it was going out and out. Then the first ball of the fresh over, I had decided I’ll bring it back in and pitch it up.”

Mohammad Siraj is hardly finished the game. But he has already shown a tremendous grasp of his excellent ability since being thrown into the cauldron in Australia and has possibly grown with every game and gaining a lot of experience



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