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ICC explores T20 World Cup in Middle East

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has stated that a definitive decision on the venue for the 2017 T20 World Cup would be made “later this month.”

Meanwhile, it has urged management to look into hosting options in the UAE, with the prospect of integrating “another Middle Eastern location.”

Possibility Of Hosting The Event In India

The announcement comes two days after the BCCI held a Special General Meeting and asked a month from the ICC to look at the possibility of hosting the event in India.

The current Covid-19 scenario in India have cast doubt on India hosting the 2021 T20 World Cup.

The current Covid-19 scenario in India, as well as the projection of a third wave in the near future, have cast doubt on India hosting the 2021 T20 World Cup. While the successful organizing of England’s tour to India earlier this year was a boost for the BCCI, its decision to relocate the IPL outside of India, following many positive cases within the bio-bubble, considerably weakens its argument.

“A final decision on the host country will be taken later this month,” the ICC said.

“The Board also confirmed that the BCCI will remain the hosts of the event regardless of where the event is played.”

If the T20 World Cup is relocated to the UAE, it will be a busy season for the country, which is also preparing to host the rest of the IPL and PSL.

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