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CSA To Forge Ahead With MOI Regardless

Cricket South Africa stayed on track to established the provisions of its modernized constitution. Regardless attempts by the country’s sports confederation to force it to back down.


The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) has the authority to suspend , fine and expel participants that don’t fit in.

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee(SASCOC) met to resolved and to decline the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), Cricket South Africa (CSA) decided on April 28 to put into an action at its next yearly meeting on or before June 12.

Official Statements

“ Obviously There’s no going back on the MOI and we are continuing to the AGM on June 12 “ as per Judith February Member of CSA’s Interim board, states to Cricbuzz.

“ We’ve had no formal interaction with SASCOC post the amendments to the MOI. We had representation at the meeting on the weekend, but we’re very comfortable that we are able to proceed to the AGM and proceed to the appointment of a majority independent board. So it doesn’t change anything from our perspective in terms of the timelines that we’ve outlined to get the MOI” she added.

South African cricket’s highest authority

Cricket South Africa (CSA’s) board of 12 directors needed to introduce Seven Representatives from the member council – South African cricket’s highest authority which is consist of presidents of the 14 provincial groups and associates.

Among the earliest of them, the improper distribution of bonuses paid to Cricket South Africa (CSA) in recognition of its victorious hosting of the 2009 Indian Premier League (IPL) , led to an investigation by Christopher Nicholson a former judge, who nominate a majority independent board. That was in 2012, and the members council has since found ways to squeeze out of instituting the improvement even as the governance calamities have multiple unchecked.

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