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CSA Elected Lawson Naidoo as Chairperson

CSA announced that Lawson Naidoo had been elected to chair the board and that Steven Budlender would serve as the lead independent director, marking a significant step forward in the organization’s lengthy road to credibility.

The First Independent Director To Hold Position

Naidoo is the first independent director to hold the position, which was formerly held by provincial administrators who are also members of the member’s council. The structure’s incestuousness contributed to CSA’s numerous governance problems.

On June 12, a majority independent board was installed, ushering in a new era. The process began in November, with the help of a government threat to withhold financing and recognition of CSA’s teams as national representatives if the suits didn’t sort themselves out.

The foundation partner Of The Paternoster Group

Naidoo is a founding partner of the Paternoster Group, a political risk consultancy, and is currently the executive secretary of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution. He holds a master’s degree in law from Cambridge University and has worked in politics, business, and civil society for more than 30 years. Budlender is a well-known senior attorney.

“We are all well aware of the challenges facing us in making CSA a world-class sporting organization both on and off the field of play,” a CSA release

“The board agreed to focus their first 100 days in office on bringing stability to the organization and embarking on an engagement program to gain input from stakeholders as it seeks to align everyone towards a shared vision for the future,”

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