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Cricket Stars ‘to play for humanity’ amid Covid-19 surge

Indian Premier League  (IPL) have assured the overseas players to remain safe and urged to play on for “humanity”

BCCI Emailed Franchises

The chief operating officer of Board of Control for Cricket in India Heman Amin, sent email to eight franchises to remain and to instill confidence for the league despite of India’s Covid-19 high cases.

Over 350,000 Covid-19 cases have recorded everyday and the state is now having a oxygen shortage, but the prestigious tournament has become a debate whether to postpone or continue.

Australian batsmen Chris Lynn already contacted a charter flight going home before travel restrictions were placed in the country.

Amin Statements

” We understand that many of you are apprehensive about how you will get back home once the tournament concludes, which is natural and understandable.

“We want to apprise you that you have nothing to worry about. The BCCI will do everything to ensure that you reach your perspective destinations seamlessly.

“The BCCI is monitoring the situation with he government authorities to make arrangements to get you home once the tournament concludes.

” Be rest assured that the tournament is not over for BCCI till each one of you reached your home, safe and sound”

Amin continued: “if even for a minute, you can bring a smile om someone’s face, then you have done well.

” While you are professionals and will play to win. this time you are also playing for something much more important: humanity. Remember, we are all in this together. We are all untied! ”

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