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Cricket Australia Interim CEO Hockley “Grateful” To BCCI

Grateful Interim Captain Nick Hockley of Cricket Australia to The BCCI after making sure Australian Players arrived their homes safely.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 season is currently suspended due to the number of cases positive of Covid-19 because of this the Australian Players were stranded in Maldives due to travel ban in India.

Australian Players

The thirty-eight member of Australia contingent that were stranded in Maldives successfully made their way home while batting Coach Michael Hussey of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will fly to Australia using a separate flight.

“We’re delighted. We’re really grateful to the BCCI for getting them home quickly and safely. I haven’t spoken to them since they’ve landed, but obviously we’ve been in text exchange and I’m sure they’ll be very relieved and very appreciative to be home,” Hockley said.

Series against West Indies

Captain was very positive about Australia’s upcoming series against West Indies.

“We plan each tour as we go. We’ve got a bit of time now before West Indies. International cricket will need to support each other, we’ve seen last summer, with India coming here, what a great series that was, and we’re committed to supporting other cricketing nations around the world,” said Hockley.

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