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Coach Ricky Struggled with Prithvi Shaw at Delhi Capitals

IPL 2021: Coach Ricky Ponting of Delhi Capitals Struggles with Prithvi Shaw

Australian captain threw some opinions about Indian batsmen Prithvi Shaw’s about his struggles in the last Indian Premier League season according to him when Prithvi Shaw going through a lean patch he refuses to bat in the nets.

Shaw’s performance last IPL 2020

Coach Ponting rates and believes Shaw that he can be superstar players, Prithvi Shaw just got  17.53 from 13 matches in IPL 2020 and got below from the average according to Coach Ricky of Delhi Capitals.

Shaw’s Refusal to work

Prithviv Shaw repeatedly got to refuse to work on his game in the nets with Coach Ricky Ponting.

“I have tried the last two years and I have really enjoyed working on him” Coach Ricky Ponting said .

Coach Ricky struggled with Prithvi Shaw

“I have some really interesting chats with him through last year’s IPL, just trying to break him down,

trying to find out exactly what was the right way to coach him and how I was going to get the best out of him” Coach Ricky Ponting said added.

“But he had an interesting theory on his batting last year when he is not scoring runs, he won’t bat and when he scores run he wants to keep batting all the time” Coach says further

Coach Ricky struggled with Prithvi Shaw

“He had four or five games where he made under 10 and I am telling him, “We have to go to the nets and work out and he looked at me in the eye and said “No I’m not batting today. I couldn’t really work that out” Ponting added.

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