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Abu Dhabi Ready To Host Pakistan Super League

Abu Dhabi government is ready to host the remaining fixtures of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in the Emirates.

PCB To Hold a Meeting

This will now be a challenge as the teams and broadcast crew gathered people from around the world and each country has their own process of vaccination
Therefore , Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) expected to hold a meeting with the six PSL franchises.

Javed Miandad a former Captain criticize PCB for agreeing to host the remaining matches of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Javed Miandad Statement

“This is not the time to play cricket, it is the time to save lives. In these times of crisis, we should be more focused on saving lives rather than playing cricket. The whole world has been affected by the coronavirus. India, where the World Cup was supposed to take place, is also severely affected by the epidemic,” Miandad said.

“My personal view is that this is not the right time to be playing cricket. PCB’s attempts of holding the remaining matches of the PSL season six in the UAE is not the right move. They are risking the lives of several individuals for their own financial gains. If it was in my hands, I would not take the big risk of organising the remaining PSL matches. If they hold this event and face problems, then who will be responsible,” he added.

Holiday Period

Holiday period has already started in both the countries therefore PCB will use this opportunity to work with the Emirates Cricket Board to check if the event can be successfully delivered.

In addition PCB will carry out a detailed financial and risk assessment and cost analysis before reporting back to the franchises, who will then review before a decision on the event venue is confirmed.

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